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I don't send paper copies of this information home with your Puppy
so please bookmark or print this page for your records.  :)


I guarantee your puppy to be healthy at the time of purchase.  All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure a healthy, happy puppy.  I have provided you with your puppy’s shot record & deworming schedule & she has been seen by our vet at least one time. 

To validate this guarantee, you must have your puppy checked by a licensed veterinary for a general health check within 48 hrs of receipt of the puppy. 

If your veterinarian finds any congenital defects or serious illness with your puppy, I will exchange her for another puppy of equal value, providing a letter from the examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of the puppy’s illness, the puppy is returned within 48 hours of the exam, and our vet examines and concurs before the puppy is replaced.  I do not guarantee against Kennel Cough, Coccidia, ear mites, ear infections, worms, fleas, ticks or other parasites because these items are treated (or prevention measures taken) on a regular basis prior to the sale of the puppy. 




Our one year guarantee covers congenital defects that would not allow a puppy to age to a normal life expectancy, such as: failure of a major organ which sustains life such as heart, lungs, liver, etc.

No veterinary fees for the initial exam or any other vet bills, medicines, shipping, etc will be paid by the seller. 
Seller assumes no responsibility for the puppy upon it’s departure from her residence.  This includes unforeseen medical expenses, mortality, landlord disapproval, allergic reaction to the animal, family disagreements or other unforeseen complications. 

Buyer agrees to give Seller the First Right of Refusal should any reason arise that the Buyer cannot keep said puppy.


Pedigrees for our ChampionBichon Parent Dogs

Dogs priced under 1500 or older than 8 months when sold are sold "as is" & do not come with a  guarantee.