Meet the Parents

Roary, Tiny, Minnie, Prissy -

Our ChampionBichon Moms - the heart of our crew

The ChampionBichon Dog Squad

Roary, Minnie, Einstein, Tiny and Prissy make up the heart of the ChampionBichon Dog Squad.

Tiny, Roary and Einstein

ChampionBichon Sweeties

Einstein (top) and
Tiny (on lower stair)
Not only are they well behaved,  sweet and affectionate, but they make beautiful babies, to boot!

King Einstein is the sire of our litters,

Summer of 2020

King Einstein
is our fun, loving, energetic sire.  He isn't only popular with the ladies but Einstein wins the hearts of everyone who meets him.  He loves to visit the groomer and the vet and makes the cutest puppies ever!  He loves to play in the mud and snow and can usually be found teasing another dog to go outside to play with him.

While he may be King of making the pups, his laid back demeanor makes him a fantastic companion and his adorable antics means he's always amusing us. :)

Einstein weighs 16lbs and has multiple Show Champions in his family lineage. 
Einstein's DNA tests show NO markers for hereditary issues.  YAY!  He has also been DNA tested by AKC & can sire your next litter! 
Please ask - I'm happy to provide DNA results to all of our ChampionBichon families.

Einy *loves* to be outside as long as it's not too hot.  He especially loves the snow and digging around in mud. LOL

Queen Tiny is our Boss Mama.  She runs the roost and keeps our other dogs "in line" - not that they are actually out of line.  LOL.  She doesn't let them bark too much or jump up... basically she makes sure our dogs and puppies mind their manners.  :)   And while she likes to boss other dogs around, she certainly knows how to turn on the charm and wiggle into everyone else's hearts, as well!

Tiny also happens to make the one of the best snugglers around and she's quick to sneak into an open lap!!   She is a fantastic mom and with Einstein, produces beautiful puppies, indeed!!  

Tiny taking a break from her pups
ChampionBichon's Prissy the night before she delivered

Miss Prissy, the night before she delivered 5 bundles of adorable girls!

Prissy's first llitter of ChampionBichon puppies

Eeek!!  Prissy's 5 adorable puppies

Prissy and her
beautiful litter of ChampionBichon puppies.  Prissy loved to get dirty as a pup and then she became a mom and wow - what a change!  She is still super sweet and loving but now she likes everything to stay clean, including her puppies.  And she likes her puppies to stay nice and calm.  :)  She is attentive and caring and has raised some wonderful puppies!  Prissy weighs 11lbs & is the picture of motherhood.  I am so proud of her!  <3 Einstein is the sire of Prissy's litters.

Prissy's ChampionBichon Puppy Pile

Puppy pile of Cuteness

ChampionBichon's Prissy as a pup

Baby Prissy is so crazy sweet!  

Princess Roary
is our resident nut!  She is such a sweet girl with so much energy!  She loves to play and if the house is quiet, you may find her looking for trouble.  LOL  Her antics never cease to amuse us and she loves to snuggle, be brushed and fall asleep in your lap, as often as possible.  She is so much fun!  Roary melts your heart as she wiggles into your lap.
Roary weighs 14lbs.

Miss Minnie is a heart thief!

Miss Minnie's picnic

Miss Minnie
is everyone's sweetie.  While she doesn't do it often, she has the most adorable growl and bark.. she sounds like Perry the Platypus.  <3  She weighs 11 lbs and enjoys "babysitting" other mama's puppies until she has her own litter to dote upon.  Minnie prefers to play inside if it's cold or hot outside and like most bichons, she is an expert level snuggler.  Minnie is loads of fun!  

Miss Minnie in Royal garb

Eek! Minnie's soo cute!!!