Enjoy some of our pics and memories -

and send some of yours to add :)

The sweetest greeting ever: Sophia met & melted into their arms <3
Hike w ChampionBichon Tiny
3 Moms a Dancing
3 of our Mamas
Out for a walk with ChampionBichon Roary
ChampionBichon Snowflake & her man
Vet visits are so much fun with a litter of ChampionBichons
Snuggle time with the sweet vet techs!
A little magic in my pocket with ChampionBichon <3
3 of our Mamas: Prissy, Tiny and Minnie
ChampionBichons have the cutest little noses
Eek!  ChampionBichon Minnie is adorbs
Prego Tiny Snuggle Time ChampionBichon
Minnie's just chilling out
ChampionBichon Prissy is so beautiful
ChampionBichon Jersey enjoying cuddle time
ChampionBichon Jersey and his brother :)
Eek!  ChampionBichon Jersey is so adorbs!!
ChampionBichon Jersey is so handsome <3