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EEK! Just Born Puppies! March 21

Beautiful baby ChampionBichon boys at 21days

Baby boys from our Current Litter

Adorable girls snuggling ~6wks

What a great mama!! 6 beautiful ChampionBichon puppies!! Mar21

ChampionBichon Baby boys at 21days
ChampionBichon girls with hot dog ~6wks

Sooo Sweet!! Newborn Puppies are so teensy! Only 5oz big! March 21

Tiny's Guys - 6 weeks
Tiny's Adorable Girls ~6wks
Baby Bichon Girl 2 days old
Soo sweet baby bichon girl 2 days old

18days old
ChampionBichon 18day old Puppy
18day old Puppy Love ChampionBichon

Tooo adorable! ChampionBichon pups are the cutest!

Puppy Love

Could she be any cuter

EEk! Cuteness overload! ChampionBichon puppies are so cute!

Vet Visits are so much fun!!


5 Beautiful Bichon Baby Girls

5 Beautiful Bichon Baby Girls. 1 Day old