ChampionBichon Riding in Coach Class

ChampionBichon Asuna Riding in Coach

Welcome to our little home on the web and thanks for stopping by!  We love our bichon frise dogs and are happy to be able to share them with you and your loved ones!  I've had allergies since I was little l so when my parents decided it was time to add a dog to our family, my mom did her research and sought out our first bichon!  I fell in love and have been in love with this breed ever since.  <3  When I started breeding these darling pups back in 2008, we had the pleasure of making many new friends who share our love of these cuties.  We took great pains to raise healthy, well adjusted puppies and were rewarded with fantastic dogs and an extended family of Bichon Frise lovers!!

What makes us different?  A lot and I'm glad you asked!!  Starting long before breeding, our parents are DNA tested, vet tested, AKC registered, loved and trained.  Like you, our dogs are our pets!  We take extra care with their nutrition because we know unhealthy parents are not likely to produce abundantly health offspring.  And I am sure you want YOUR puppy to have the best start in life - nutritionally, physically, and emotionally.    After birth, we don't just "handle" the puppies like most breeders.  (Actually, we have sadly found that most breeders rarely handle their puppies.)  We snuggle, pet, play with and even begin obedience and potty training (not right away, of course) with every puppy we raise.   

We don't keep our dogs in a kennel "out back."   We raise them right in our home so they have boatloads of attention, time and love.  They're born in the corner of my bedroom and later moved into our family room.  We are a small family that cares about the details.  We only have 1 litter/year.   (Because our numbers are limited, we highly recommend hopping on our wait list!)   No wire floors or small "runs" for our dogs.  Those are hard on their paws and train them to go potty where ever they are which dulls their instinct to not soil where they sleep.  Our puppies end up following Mom outside when they're big enough, where our dogs enjoy a fenced yard to run and play and grow. 

We don't use puppy pads for house training because it's extremely hard to house break bichons who have used puppy pads first.  Instead of puppy pads or wire floors, we actively use a method of potty training starting around 3 weeks old so that when you get your puppy, the house breaking is already in motion and the puppies won't be messing where they den.   By the time they head home, they have followed our adult bichons outside for both potty and play time.  :)   We follow Mom's lead on weaning pups and do NOT wean early.  The time nursing with the litter is imperative for a well adjusted puppy.  

Of course, you are welcome to text or email with questions before you buy your dog and afterwards, indefinitely!  We are happy to share our tips and tricks to help you adjust to your new furry family member, so feel free to ask!  We like hearing YOUR tips and tricks and trying them ourselves!!  We also *love* sharing your moments with you so please stay in touch and send updates!  <3 

 I think that it boils down to this: we raise every puppy as if we were keeping him or her.  That means that we feed the best food we have found (from the first day they eat food) and we give them filtered water to drink.  They all get one-on-one attention daily and are not lacking for love or attention, as evidenced by the lack of noise at our place most of the time.  (Play time can get noisy, as do doorbell rings.)  Since our dogs live with us, we interact with them throughout the day, unlike breeders with separate facilities.  The puppies are raised in our home and they witness how well behaved dogs act and are positively influenced by it.   They hear us call the other dogs and they, too, come running.  Early interaction, training and love combined with stellar genetics make an amazing combination for an outstanding dog!  I want my dogs to have the absolute best start in life, and that's what we strive to give to every puppy we raise.  We start by taking great care of our moms and dad before conception, as their health directly affects the future puppies.  It is truly a labor of love.

Our goal is to provide you with the best puppy for your family.  We purposely go above and beyond, to make your experience into the ChampionBichon family hugely successful!  <3

Check out our FAQ page for lots more info!

ChampionBichon Princess Prissy

Princess Prissy peeking out the window :)